[You're Invited!] PleasureCEO LIVE | November 30th - December 2nd, 2017
A 3 day retreat experience for women entrepreneurs
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I've always said...

Nothing is more powerful than a woman in her pleasure. 

And it's my mission to help women entrepreneurs unleash more of our natual feminine talents of pleasure and desire to create a new operating system to success.  You ready to join this Pleasure Revolution?

We’ve been taught that marketing, blueprints, strategy, and conversions are the most important factors for success. But let’s think about this… It’s an epidemic right now in our industry that women entrepreneurs are working their asses off, constantly in man-mode, and feeling exhausted. And some part of us knows there must be another way!

Well, let’s be a part of the solution and unleash more of our
natural feminine talents of pleasure and desire to create a
new operating system to success.

Are you ready to discover what's possible for you when you put pleasure FIRST... and still get great results?!


PleasureCEO LIVE Retreat

The PleasureCEO LIVE Retreat is being held November 30 - December 2, 2017 in gorgeous wine country in California. Join me for this 3 day retreat where women entrepreneurs will create a wild love affair with their business, fill up on pleasure, and embrace more feminine power.  It's time to remember and surrender into a business full of ease and flow that is actually in your natural feminine design.

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Join the PleasureCEO Sisterhood

The PleasureCEO Sisterhood is a community of women devoted to bringing more pleasure into business, and STILL get great results. My intention is that it be a place for women entrepreneurs to gather in sisterhood to create a new operating system for business. Together, we will dive deeper into what it means to be a woman & a PleasureCEO, and learn how to fuel our business success through the power of pleasure + desire. 

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VIP Private Coaching

 Are you a 6 or 7-figure women business owner who's created success by hustling in man-mode and now experience a level of exhaustion or adrenal fatigue, and long for a new operating system? Working together, I'll help you have a business that is more in alignment with the juicy feminine by helping you unleash more pleasure and desire and still get great results!   

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What My Clients Are Saying about Pleasure + Business Coaching ...

Jess Tomlinson
Radiant Self Care Coach

"Before working with Christina I was getting ready to create a whole new retreat, researching, planning...push, push, push. All the while, I had created a beautifully successful retreat to Bali already and just wasn't giving myself permission to do it again! Thanks to Christina's program, I was guided to the path of ease and pleasure...and that was letting go of the need to "prove" that I could do something different and simply create from my Pleasure. Working with Christina, I launched my signature 6 month high-end program, brought in $34,000 and am now planning my second retreat to Bali! Christina and her PleasureCEO are truly what women need!"  


Jessica Tartaro, PhD 
Orgasmic Intimacy Coach

"“Through coaching with Christina, I had the “aha” that instead of pushing myself to work harder – like in the “nose to the grindstone” masculine mode that got me through graduate school – I could actually back my own feminine creativity and design a template from my unique skills, talents, quirks, scrapes and life lessons and have income flow from who I already am. Which is now happening.”
I am finally attracting the clients who want to do the exhilarating work of spicing up their connection, which is the creative work I have been dreaming of!"


Erica Rysberg
Transformational Coach

"Participating in PleasureCEO was a no brainer for me because I was yearning to be in conversation with other powerful female entrepreneurs not only creating results in business, but committed to enjoying the process and themselves.  After our time together I felt more free to coach my clients with bold abandon. In no time at all I was reveling in both pleasure and impact as I have upped the joy of my work in the world. I recommend Christina to any woman who is ready to be unified in herself as a woman living with pleasure throughout all of her life."


Want more PLEASURE in your own business?

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Pleasure + Business = Real Success... I can't wait to share more with you!