I've always said...

Nothing is more powerful than a woman in her pleasure. 

And it's my mission to help women entrepreneurs unleash more of  their Raw Feminine Power and learn how to use it in the natural design of their Feminine Operating System™.  Are you ready to join this Pleasure Revolution?

We’ve been taught that marketing, blueprints, strategy, and conversions are the most important factors for success. But let’s think about this… It’s an epidemic right now in our industry that women entrepreneurs are working their asses off, constantly in man-mode, and feeling exhausted. And some part of us knows there must be another way!

Well, let’s be a part of the solution and unleash more of our natural feminine talents of pleasure and desire to create a new operating system to success.

Are you ready to discover what's possible for you when you put pleasure FIRST... and still get great results?!


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 Feminine Operating System™

It's time to surrender into a business full of ease and flow that is your natural feminine design. But first you have to stop doing business like men and understand the uniqueness of your Raw Feminine Power and how to use it for success in your mission-based business.  For instance, it looks like flowing and allowing vs. hustling & grinding...  And honoring the cycles and seasons of life rather than never-ending production.  Read through this provocative series of posts to learn more.

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Join the Feminine Operating System Sisterhood

This is a free community for women leaders to activate Raw Feminine Power and learn how to use it in their  Feminine Operating System™.  It's seriously no joke to unplug from the Patriarchal Operating system that's been hard-wired into our neurons so we can step into our natural design.  Here is where we practice this re-wiring as a Sisterhood so we can create thriving and sustainable businesses that are a force for good on the planet.

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Private Coaching
with Christina

 Are you a 6 or 7-figure women business owner who's created success by hustling in man-mode and now experience a level of exhaustion or adrenal fatigue, and long for a new operating system? Working together, I'll help you have a business that is more in alignment with the juicy feminine by helping you unleash more pleasure and desire and still get great results.

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What My Clients Are Saying about Pleasure + Business Coaching ...

NathalieChapron, C.B.I.C.
Founder of Enlightened Beauty Styling

“I have been LOVING being a part of Christina's PleasureCEO Priestess Program.  Why? Because Christina is amazing at creating a safe container for women to shed the masks, get real, go deep and pick-up power in some unexpected places. 

Since starting I have had some major breakthroughs, like my husband of 5 years turning into the most loyal, devoted, adoring and powerful version of himself (think King Charming has become real).​

I have empowered a stylist on my team to do shopping trips and styling photoshoots (and soon color palettes too) without me there. That means I have successfully duplicated myself! Woohoo!!! Finally. ​

I have taken more time off this year than I have in the past few years combined and I have received more high level offers and referrals in my business than ever before. Potential clients are being handed to me on a silver platter. How amazing is that?​

And on a personal level, I feel the most powerful I have ever been. I have claimed my Sovereignty. ​

So, if you are a woman and you have a business, I HIGHLY recommend you give yourself the gift of joining Christina's PleasureCEO Priestess Program. She is helping usher a New Paradigm rooted in the Feminine and Sisterhood... you want to be a part of it!”

Gina Waota, CPA/CFO
Philanthropist / Social entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker

"In the last few years, I sold my CPA business in San Francisco, and was dreaming about becoming a social entrepreneur to bring Solar Powered energy to Haiti and other countries in the Caribbean.  But it was still just an idea, and I was intimidated by how big the vision was. 
But since going through the my idea has totally become a reality!  We’ve now raised a half-million dollars…  AND I used all my feminine skills to facilitate a meeting with the highest governmental leaders of Haiti, all men by the way, and walked out with at contract worth millions of dollars!

I am thrilled by how quickly things have moved along since switching to the Feminine Operating System and making my Pleasure a priority.  I feel like it's helped me take the quantum leap necessary to grow into the highest version of myself as a mission-based business woman.

Not only that…  But being a PleasureCEO Priestess has also improved my marriage!  My husband and I have been married for 15 years, and now we feel like we’re in a whole new chapter and it’s juicier than it’s ever been. 

I absolutely recommend this program because working with Christina and the sisterhood she attracts can create magic!"

Jenny Kassen
Certified Transformation Coach

"Before joining Christina’s PleasureCEO Priestess Program, I had participated in many coaching programs and mastermind groups which taught tactics for business structure, marketing, and sales, and while these teachings certainly helped me in many ways, no one comes close to teaching me what I’ve learned working with Christina Morassi! ​

Working with Christina, I was able to address deeply ingrained patterns and beliefs that kept me holding back and playing small, which is what I really needed support with.  And Christina’s program was the first one I have experienced where we went deep into the heart of the patterns that limit us in life and business and use extremely effective experiential practices to break through to a whole new level.  Her approach is so unique and really helps you get to the heart of what it means to have a truly successful business - one that makes great money and is also enjoyable and effortless.  

Since working with Christina, I hosted a 3-day event that was one of the most fun and effortless things I’ve ever done in my business and also grossed over $100,000 and attracted clients I LOVE working with!  My personal relationships have also dramatically improved. 

If you want to make a quantum leap with your business and your relationships, I highly recommend joining . You do not want to miss it!"

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Pleasure + Business = Real Success... I can't wait to share more with you!