Want more Pleasure in Business?

I've always said...

Nothing is more powerful than a woman in her pleasure. 

And it's my mission to help women entrepreneurs unleash more of our natual feminine talents of pleasure and desire to create a new operating system to success.  You ready to join this Pleasure Revolution?

We’ve been taught that marketing, blueprints, strategy, and conversions are the most important factors for success. But let’s think about this… It’s an epidemic right now in our industry that women entrepreneurs are working their asses off, constantly in man-mode, and feeling exhausted. And some part of us knows there must be another way!

Well, let’s be a part of the solution and unleash more of our
natural feminine talents of pleasure and desire to create a
new operating system to success.

Are you ready to discover what's possible for you when you put pleasure FIRST... and still get great results?!


10 Day Pleasure Makeover Challenge

Ready to find out how you rate on the Pleasure Scale? Take the 10 Day Pleasure Makeover Challenge!  You’ll also receive an invitation to join me for a 10-Day  Pleasure Makeover Experience where you’ll be able to connect with a movement of cutting-edge women entrepreneurs devoted to the feminine, and ready to  change the face of business!

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PleasureCEO 5 Week Program

PleasureCEO is a 5 week program designed to help you break free from running your business in man-mode so that you can use more Pleasure Power and infuse your life and business with more of what you truly desire.  The next round launches in early 2016, so click below to get on the waiting list to be the first to be notified when registration opens again!

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VIP Private Coaching

Are you ready to reach Ecstatic Wealth? Private Coaching is for those who want to fast track their businesses with a big leap and want customized support by having Christina’s expert eyes on their business! Working with Christina is for the woman who wants more in-depth business coaching, mixed with pleasure.  Contact us by clicking the link below for more information on private coaching.

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What My Clients Are Saying about Pleasure + Business Coaching ...

Jess Tomlinson
Radiant Self Care Coach

“Before working with Christina, I was all over the place in my business, struggling with my identity as a coach. After working with Christina, I’m crystal clear on my unique, Ecstatic Brand and soon after completing her program, I landed my very first $5,000 retreat enrollment for my upcoming amazing woman’s retreat going to Bali, and have now brought in $25,000 in total for my retreat enrollments! Before, the most I’d ever made from a client was $97!

My biggest a-ha about the feminine in business after working with Christina is that I have a LOT of power behind what I want to bring to the world. If I ignore that power, I will suffer. If I push out that power, I will suffer. Christina has taught me that it’s an art, a craft…luring the feminine out, harvesting my power from a place that is pleasurable to me and the women who I help. When pleasure is tied to the programs and retreats I bring to the world, I THRIVE…and so do other women!“


Jessica Tartaro, PhD 
Orgasmic Intimacy Coach

"After my coaching with Christina, I have rewritten that story.  I now focus on couples and groups, am phasing my individual clients down to a select bunch, and have rebranded my psychotherapy focus into Orgasmic Intimacy Coaching.  I am finally attracting the clients who want to do the exhilarating work of spicing up their connection, which is the creative work I have been dreaming of .  Perhaps most exciting, I have designed a sustainable business model – to run group series here in Dallas for teaching connection skills – that can simultaneously impact many and feed my soul while generating the wealth that I’ve always wanted.  

Through coaching with Christina, I had the "aha" that instead of pushing myself to work harder - like in the nose to grindstone" masculine mode that got me through graduate school - I could actually back my own feminine creativity and design a template from my unique skills, talents, quirks, scrapes and life lessons and have income flow from who I already am. Which is now happening."

Lisa Garcia
Divinely Divorcing

“My biggest a-ha around the feminine in business is that Christina helped me to see that always pushing and striving in my business is not the way to really make progress. When I took an hour to open and soften and let myself really fall apart, I made a huge breakthrough that I had totally been resisting. This was so critical as it was after this breakthrough that I gained so much clarity about the direction of my business and felt like months of indecision were finally cleared away. So amazing!!!"


Want more PLEASURE in your own business?

We'd love to share more with you about bringing more pleasure to your business.  Start by taking the Pleasure Makeover Quiz below and checking out the PleasureCEO program at www.PleasureCEO.com.