It's time for you to step fully into being an Unapologetically Feminine Powerhouse, and run your business like a PleasureCEO.

A PleasureCEO is a woman who wakes up every morning
grateful for the wild love affair she is having with her business. 
She starts her day off with a Pleasure Pause of some kind so
that she begins her workday feeling filled up.  Her desires
and her Turn-On become the guiding force for every decision
she makes in business…  And she celebrates all her
successes, no matter how little, rather than focusing on
what’s not working.  She loves the feeling of being in Flow,
as if there is an elegant ease with how she magnetizes
clients and cash flow.  And…  At the end of the day, she
shuts down her computer honoring her good boundaries, and
performs a sweet simple ritual to leave her powerhouse
behind and step back into her feminine to be with her
partner again that night.
This is your birthright.  You are meant to create great change on the planet,
and live a gracious and abundant lifestyle too. 
But on a scale of 1 - 10…  How close are you now?
Truly ask yourself…  And you might find it's time for a reality check!
So let’s have a look at what we’re up against...
Women are making $.79 to the dollar of men.
75% of women surveyed have symptoms of adrenal fatigue
1 in 5 women is depressed.
And every 34 seconds a woman dies of heart disease.
And let’s not even talk about women in business such as yourself…

You’re overwhelmedOverworkedAnd exhausted You work long days (and sometimes
weekends) and never seem to reach the end of that dreaded To Do List.  Your results in
business? Not that great and even if they are ok, you’re too exhausted to enjoy the benefits
or have any fun. And your personal life? Suffering (or even worse, non-existent).

This is The Women Entrepreneur Dilemma.  And it is not sustainable.
Something needs to change!
But what exactly?
This may seem counterintuitive…  But hear me out.  
I believe it’s Feminine PLEASURE.  

Now some of you will think this is crazy because pleasure is frivolous, and
you need to get back to your to-do list.
Or…  Some of you might agree in theory, but once you are working on your business…  
You keep defaulting straight back into man-mode.
But ALL of us need to realize that Feminine PLEASURE is actually the
antidote to business overwhelm and exhaustion.

So how do we change this story then into one that is more pleasurable?
It’s time to UNINSTALL the old patriarchal operating system that solely
values masculine principles...
And then INSTALL the NEW 5-Part Feminine-Powered Operating system fueled
by natural feminine talents.
You ready to go against the grain and disrupt traditional business?
Then I’d like to invite you to the PleasureCEO Movement where we all
commit to unleashing more of our feminine talents of pleasure and desire,
and use them to fuel our business success.

It’s time to take a stand to be WOMEN in business…  Rather than men.
Below you can see the details of a 5-week Virtual Experiential Program that serves
as sacred  container for us to come together as a Sisterhood, and finally install this
new operating system.
Are you meant to join us?  Let your body tell you as you read through the page, and
watch the video too...  If you feel some excitement as you do, or Turn-On as I like to
call it, then be sure to jump in!  We’d love to have you.  Xx

Learn How to Put Pleasure First In Your Business,
and STILL Get Great Results 

... Stop the push push push of man-mode, and find your easy flow instead ...
... Discover how your vagina can become your best business GPS ...
... Take your business to the next level by switching to a new operating system ... 
... Erase exhaustion by learning Energy Accounting so you fill up as much as you expend ... 
... Deepen your relationship with sensuality, femininity, and your natural power... 
... Unleash more of your animal magnetism so opportunities find YOU ... 

Check out the full details of the PleasureCEO Program + limited time bonuses below!


Pleasure Center 101


Let’s get you right into the body so you can become more intimate with your pleasure center!  This will form the foundation of all the next steps.

• Give yourself permission to own your pleasure by breaking free from familial & societal conditioning 
• Experiment with a creative mirror exercise to get to know your vagina + tak part in a bonus art project for extra credit
• Discover the best decision-making process on the planet by learning to listen to your vagina ~ I’ll guide you through the how + why!
• Use the clearings I share to release any shame you have around your own sensuality
• Learn how to navigate the Dark Feminine, or those times in the Down, so you don’t get stopped in business and can continue to reach success!


Open Up Your Desire Channel


I’ve found that most people don’t know what they want, or even allow themselves to have desires.  In this module, we will open up that Desire Channel WIDE because you have your desires for a reason, and they can be a north star for you in life and business.  Even the best strategy will fail you if it's disconnected from your desire center!

• Discover insights about yourself by exploring your desires and what it is you truly want for your life + business (After all, you can’t know who you are if you don’t know what you want)
• Learn the difference between compensatory desire vs. true desire, so you don’t veer into hedonism  :) 
• Create new habits around fulfilling your desires and asking others to fulfill your desires too
• Learn the power of longing, and having desires, and how it can be a force that propels you toward what you want out of life and business.
• Start to implement the PleasureCEO teachings by weaving desire into your workday & business


Expand Your Sexuality


Next up it’s time to deepen your understanding of your own sex power and how it can fuel your business.  This will also be a time to expand the edges of your sensual comfort zone if you’re willing!

• Learn what sex power is and how to get connected to more of yours as a force for good in your life and business
• Get an education about female orgasm, and how it’s different from the masculine version, and different from climax too
• Discover various self-pleasure exercises to create more self-love (and pleasure too!)
• Up your game on RECEIVING, which will obviously help your biz too!
• Begin exploring alternative sensual practices like Orgasmic Meditation, Tantra, BDSM, etc…if that feels right for you


Pleasure Power


Desire was all about longing, and now Pleasure is about the HAVING.  We are going to increase the amount of time you spend in the Pleasure Zone to up your havingness level, and change the way you do business!

• Discover how to expand your ability to feel pleasure in your own body
• Get to know your Turn-On and how it can change every action in your business
• Learn how to HARVEST your pleasure so that it fills you and fuels you
• Find out how to find pleasure in everything…  Even pesky business tasks you dislike can be pleasurable. I'll show you how!
• Get comfortable giving yourself pleasure with a video of my favorite breast massage


Pleasure CEO ~ Putting it All Together


It’s time to become a PleasureCEO and put it all together into your business!  Let’s create a new operating system so that your business is now powered by pleasure & desire.

• What does your day want to look like?  Create a schedule that feels good!
• Discover how to make business decisions by following your Turn-On and pleasure
• Learn the art of Energy Accounting, so you make sure to fill back up after expending energy
• Think about how to receive more support, and who you might need to hire next in your business
• Pleasurably activate your authentic voice to use in copy and social media
• Create a solid Pleasure Plan so you can feel more feminine in biz without always defaulting to man-mode

Check out these Pleasure CEO BONUSES!

BONUS #1 - 5 In-Depth Workbooks + Transcripts 
 Each module will contain a workbook and templates with thought-provoking questions and/or journaling exercises.  Each live call will be recorded and made available for download, along with a transcript of each call. And you'll have lifetime access to ALL content!
BONUS #2 – Embodiment Exercises
 You'll get fun assignments and challenges each week so that you can put the modules right into practice and get them into your bodies in real time!
They'll be fun, and just a little bit edgy too so you can explore.
BONUS #3 – Expand Your Pleasure Interview Series
 Orgasmic Meditation, Tantra, BDSM.  Are you curious about them?  Well, I'm going to do a scintillating series of 3 interviews with my favorite pleasure experts in these 3 realms so you can expand your horizons and learn more about them, and see if it appeals to you...or not.  :)   


Want to see Pleasure in Action?!

Check out these results my clients have had by bringing more pleasure and more of what they truly desire into their businesses!


Jess followed her pleasure... and booked a new client!

Before taking Christina's PleasureCEO program I was getting ready to create a whole new retreat, researching, planning...push, push, push. All the while, I had created a beautifully successful retreat to Bali already and just wasn't giving myself permission to do it again! Thanks to Christina's program, I was guided to the path of ease and pleasure...and that was letting go of the need to "prove" that I could do something different and simply create from my Pleasure. Also during her program, I came up with the idea to offer VIP Spa Days. It felt awesome to me, and while I had never done one before, within a week I booked my first client and made $1,500! Christina and her PleasureCEO are truly what women need. I'm loving magnetizing money & results using my Pleasure! ~ Jess Tomlinson, Radiant Self Care Coach

Jess Tomlinson | Radiant Self Care Coach


Jessica is feeding her soul & generating wealth... with Pleasure!

“Through coaching with Christina, I had the “aha” that instead of pushing myself to work harder – like in the “nose to the grindstone” masculine mode that got me through graduate school – I could actually back my own feminine creativity and design a template from my unique skills, talents, quirks, scrapes and life lessons and have income flow from who I already am. Which is now happening.”

Jessica Tartaro, PhD | Orgasmic Intimacy Coach


Erica unleashed pleasure to make more impact with her own clients!

"Participating in PleasureCEO was a no brainer for me because I was yearning to be in conversation with other powerful female entrepreneurs not only creating results in business, but committed to enjoying the process and themselves. Throughout the videos and gatherings I found myself engaged and surprised by Christina’s wisdom as she facilitated healing and expansion for me personally and professionally. Christina leads her business from her authentic depth and congruency of soul. It’s simply impossible for Christina to contain her pleasure…it oozes out of her inviting women seeking to know themselves more fully into her business embrace.

After our time together I felt more free to coach my clients with bold abandon. There is nothing better than feeling liberated to address any topic and suggest any tool to a client, especially when it is confronting and dangerously fun! In no time at all I was reveling in both pleasure and impact as I have upped the joy of my work in the world. I recommend Christina’s PleasureCEO program to any woman who is ready to be unified in herself as a woman living with pleasure throughout all of her life."

Erica Rysberg | Transformational Coach


Rachel used Pleasure to fully access her feminine power to change her business (and relationship!)

"I signed up for Christina’s Pleasure CEO course because I knew I had issues with fully accessing my feminine power. In order to grow my business like I want to, it was clear that I had to overcome that block. I definitely received clarity and help on that topic, but I also discovered how important it is to honor the deeper part of my desires in all areas of my life.

One thing I learned was that I really wanted an open relationship. I felt very caged and it was negatively affecting my self expression and my confidence. At first I was terrified to approach my boyfriend about it. Christina and the group were very supportive. When I finally did talk to my boyfriend months after the course ended, I told him my needs and after a few teary conversations we came to an agreement. He fully respects my wishes and we’re still together in an arrangement that sets me free. It’s amazing.

This is a high impact course that will not only help you while you’re going through it, but will linger and keep working its magic long after you’ve graduated."

Rachel Archelaus | Intuitive Art Show


Jessie called in more aligned clients by following her pleasure! 

"Before taking Christina’s PleasureCEO program, I was still spinning my wheels in my business. I had passion, determination, and a clear mission, but was depleting my own energetic reserves trying to get it out.  But after our time together, I was able to sink into a deep place of personal power that truly felt authentically mine AND resourced.  I had been constricting and holding this place protectively which blocked me from really allowing it to be tapped into and expressed.

As a result, I have been able to make more of an impact connecting easily with collaborators and clients, feeling safe and at ease in doing so, produce 2 Guest Speaker Series that are generating a lot of buzz, and delight in the whole thing in new sparkly ways!

I would absolutely recommend Christina’s PleasureCEO program because you will not find a mentor who so elegantly embodies the depths of this beautiful powerful energy and is able to translate it into nuts and bolts that are easy to use in the world/your business.  I have called in more aligned clients, incredible co-creators in super fun projects, and felt like I discovered the true essence of my message thanks to this work."

Jessie Lucas | Vivacious Mama 


Jonita used Pleasure to curate new content for her coaching business (... and deepened her relationship with her husband, too!)

"I enjoyed Christina's PleasureCEO program thoroughly. Certain exercises brought up a lot of resistance and sexual pain that I had been avoiding to dive deep into. However, following some guidelines from this programme, I was able to reframe my resistance into ways of consciously incorporating more pleasure in my personal life which in turn resulted in my business becoming more fun too! Yoni GPS is one exercise that I incoporate now in making any business decisions and so far it has not let me down. I have also had the opportunity to enhance my romantic life with my husband and it all feels so exciting and so revealing. I have also been inspired to curate new content for my coaching business.. All hail to desires and pleasure! Thank you Christina. You held a beautiful space for us women to grow!"

Jonita D'souza |


Meet Your Pleasure CEO Leader ...

Christina Morassi is blessed to say that she achieved the entrepreneurial dream.  She reached the high 6-figures helping women find their Ecstatic Brands, had clients in 20 countries, created big 3-day live events, and along with her community, raised $25K to sponsor a village in Africa for 5 years.

It was AMAZING!  And…  She was exhausted from being in man-mode all the time and following other people's templates to success.  So 1.5 years ago she pulled the plug on her successful business, created a pleasure makeover for herself, and now turns her attention to helping other successful women entrepreneurs unleash more pleasure and desire to become PleasureCEO’s.

Here's what the homestudy program includes....
* 5 In-Depth Video Modules Delivered Digitally

Module 1: Pleasure Center 101
Module 2: Open Up Your Desire Channel
Module 3: Expand Your Sexuality
Module 4: Pleasure Power
Module 5: Pleasure CEO
 *5 X (90) Group PleasureCEO Embodiment Ritual Recordings 

When you listen in to these ritual recordings, you'll learn what it takes to embody each week's PleasureCEO lessons and implement the work into your business.
 *BONUS #1 - 5 Deep-Dive Workbooks + Transcripts 
*BONUS #2 – Embodiment Exercise Challenges
*BONUS #3 – Expand Your Pleasure Interview Series

Homestudy Investment
~ $497